Getting Started

Getting started with KC2 is easy and rewarding

Organizing, creating, and selling with KC2 Software is as easy as 1, 2, 3! KC2 is the end-to-end solution that satisfies the complete professional imaging needs that you and your clients have. It streamlines ordering from your chosen lab(s) and simplifies ordering for your clients, as well as their friends and relatives.

To begin, once you’ve downloaded the software from your lab, you can be up, running and productive quickly. This page provides an overview of some key terms and operational aspects to know, along with a quick overview of what the benefits of KC2 are for you and your clients. You can find more detailed definition, and more informed answers, in our Knowledge Base FAQs.

KC2 101 – Basic terms


This is shorthand for KC2 Software, or more formally KODAK PROFESSIONAL Keepsakes Collections and Creations Software/KC2. It refers to the software and interfaces you and your clients use.

TERM: KC2 Project

A Project is the name and date of your event. For example: “Stillings Wedding. 3.12.16.” It consists of an order or orders and a Storefront used for in-studio and online sales.

TERM: KC2 Storefront

A KC2 Storefront is what your lab and you present to clients online. They see the photos you have made available from their event, along with digital and printed product choices, ranging from single-image downloads to “collections” of printed and digital products together. This Storefront can be used for both in-studio (talking with a client in person) and online sales. You select the products available from your pro lab and set all the prices.

TERM: KC2 Collection

A KC2 Collection brings together the versatility of digital files combined with the beauty and longevity of printed products. This concept allows photographers to be the trusted advisor to clients, ensuring that they have the ability to share, relive, and preserve important memories for generations to come.

KC2 201 – Starting a new project in KC2



  1. From the KC2 Home Screen select ‘New’
    from the Project Menu
  2. Enter a Project Name and Date,
    such as an event name or shoot identifier
  3. Choose ‘Next’ and follow the on-screen prompts and
    guidance for inserting images and starting a new order


KC2 301 – Take your knowledge to the next level

To go further, learn more with these KC2 EDU offerings –


How-to Videos

Providing a look inside the KC2 application, and step by step guidance for creating orders and storefronts.

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Knowledge Base (FAQs)

Get answers to many commonly asked KC2 questions. Suggest questions you’d like to see included, and provide your KC2 feedback.

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Live and recorded Webinars

Learn from experts through KC2 EDU’s live and recorded Webinar sessions. These cover an ever-growing array of topics, from consumer research to what consumers want from professional photos, and from KC2 how-to interactive videos to technical information, marketing ideas to Collections strategies, and beyond.

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