Collections Sales Strategy

Match your selling strategy to the millennial mindset

Millennials – those in the 14- to 34-year-old demographic – have grown up with social media and smart phones at their fingertips. Their perception of photography is different from those who grew up with negatives and prints. Today’s digital photography is more of a disposable, transient activity with a focus on sharing.

However, millennials are transitioning to become Chief Memory Officers (CMOs), responsible for preserving the milestones in their own lives and those of family members. This typically begins at their own wedding or the birth of a first child. Often, armed with only a smart phone, they’re simply not prepared for the job. Because photography to them is fleeting (here now, sent now), they do not have an understanding of how to create a more lasting, formal, higher-quality process and results.

And that’s where you come in.

Be their once-in-a-lifetime moments photo resource through a collections strategy

Pro photographers and labs now have a real opportunity to take a more proactive role in helping this generation be successful as CMOs by sharing your knowledge. And here’s where the collections sales strategy comes in.

A collections approach brings together the versatility of the digital file with the beauty and longevity of printed products to enable consumers to do what they have always done with their treasured memories:

  • Share with friends and family
  • Relive them in story form
  • Preserve them for a lifetime in keepsakes products
  • Gift and display photos

Collections, grounded in research regarding consumer purchase preferences, are a means to show the value of your expertise and provide purchase advice to help consumers properly commemorate life’s treasured moments. Offering collections is a way to start a discussion with today’s consumers – people who get married, have kids, graduations, want family portraits and more, etc. You can help them see beyond just sharing images to understand how they would like to look back on this moment years from now, and preserve it for generations to come. Technology continues to evolve and change, but there is one technology that has stood the test of time: the photographic print.

For you, this means enlightened, satisfied clients plus increased sales opportunities.

KC2: designed with collection sales
in mind

KC2 is designed, featuring a collections workflow, to provide a one-stop shopping experience for professional quality photo products offered by you and your Pro Lab.

If you’re not working with a Pro Lab, find one here.