KC2 Album Intelligence

Imagine a streamlined, time-saving way to create beautiful album designs your clients will love – introducing KC2 Album Intelligence


Turn hundreds of images into smart, stylish albums – intelligently, beautifully, automatically.

It’s a remarkable, time-saving way to create beautiful album designs your clients will love. KC2 Album Intelligence is integrated into KC2 Software from Kodak Alaris. Using intuitive artificial intelligence, this feature greatly reduces the work of identifying and sorting images and produces designs that will wow clients. Sell more with less hands-on involvement.


See Album Intelligence at work

Simply upload your images to KC2 and select a few basic attributes.
KC2 Album Intelligence will then analyze your images individually and as sets.

Advanced algorithms quickly assess image quality. Every aspect of the image is considered –
color, sharpness, composition, facial expressions and other key criteria.
Album Intelligence

Facial recognition helps determine logical image groupings.
Album Intelligence

You can review each proposed album and customize with your personal touches.
When done, you have a professional, custom album design to wow your client.

Album Intelligence

KC2 Album Intelligence: Intelligent. Beautiful. Automatic.

  • Analyzes hundreds of images for key criteria, then creates gorgeous albums automatically
  • Review each album and customize with your own touches: layouts, backgrounds, effects, cropping and more
  • Streamlined way to sell more in less time