KC2 Software

Make print + digital profitable.

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Sell more digital and traditional print products online

KC2 is the end-to-end solution that satisfies the complete professional imaging needs of you and your clients. It streamlines ordering from your favorite, trusted, Pro Lab, and simplifies ordering for your clients (as well as their friends and relatives). It’s your own online storefront, customized and optimized to boost traditional and digital product sales.


KC2 – Advantages for you

KC2 helps with post-shoot workflow, provides easy access to your lab’s catalog, and seamlessly integrates sales and ordering into your studio’s workflow. You select the products, set the prices, and pick the lab. It’s complete freedom to control your business from your own storefront and eCommerce store.

  • Submit one order for various products from different catalogs
  • See and confirm exactly what’s in your cart
  • Access editing tools and create custom products

  • Place orders and manage your storefront from one screen
  • Get complete details on status and history of every order

  • Order print and digital products directly from the gallery of images

  • Grow more business by demonstrating to clients how great their photos can look on unique keepsakes. "Show and sell" by demonstrating the range of possibilities and creating a cool factor that wows clients

  • No costly requirements for website design or programming

  • Album Intelligence analyzes hundreds of images for key criteria
  • Selects the best images and organizes them into logical groups
  • Builds beautiful albums with ideal page layouts
  • Customize album backgrounds, effects, and more

Advantages for your clients (and you)

Eliminate the need for your own eCommerce site with KC2. Now you have an instant, branded, customized storefront promoting and selling exactly what you offer.

  • Pay a fee only when you make a sale
  • Promote a customized mix of digital and traditional products presented together and beautifully integrated
  • Position and market your expertise with a collections sales approach to target, satisfy (and prosper with) the millennial mindset
  • Clients see all prices, set by you, upfront
  • Now friends, relatives, and attendees at events can also go to your KC2 store to place orders, greatly expanding reach and sales potential